Alien Rescue

by Upfront Applications
added 30.11.2013

In this game you are lost in an alien world but they’ve come to your rescue. To get the ship you must fly high to find the ship and get in. Tap the screen to jump for rescue.

You’ve got rockets to jump high and in every alien ship you will fill up one extra rocket. Black alien ships will give you 5 rockets, that will give you get extra energy for the rescue in those alien worlds.

Beware of the falling meteors that can hit and kill you!

Your mission is getting into the ship that will rescue you jumping through the alien ships and bring the maximum number of rockets with you at the rescue ship.

Fully integrated with Google Games you can share your score, get achievements and compete with your friends.
It’s been said:
“The free casual game called Alien Rescue is our Game of the Day. It is a lovely 2D retro game with a simple goal, to get to the rescue ship with more rockets and avoid the alien ships. The rockets will keep you moving app and through the ships.
The game is integrated with Google Play Games, so you can see the best scores of the other players and also make your journey more interesting with all sorts of different achievements.

The background of the game is lovely and it changes, and the retro looking ships are also great. After playing this for the last few days I came to a conclusion that the game is both interesting and challenging, but challenging in a fun way, not frustrating like some other games. I always want to improve my score and to finish the achievements. It’s 2D platform, retro graphics and simple gameplay, together with the Google Play
Games integration made Alien Rescue one of my favorite new Android games, very fast.”