Password Manager

by Upfront Applications
added 30.11.2013

Password Manager is secure, easy to use and beautiful with material design. Use AEGIS to securely store all of your website logins, credit cards, identities and more! Websites ask for too much, its almost impossible to create a different secure password and memorize them for all of our website accounts. Let AEGIS manage your passwords and keep your accounts secure.

– Your data is protected with AES-256 encryption, the de facto industry standard
– Your password is never stored locally, online or anywhere else

– Password Generator with advanced options for generating and saving secure passwords
– Auto fill and auto login into you websites with the built in browser
– Material Design

– Access your data from anywhere in the world
– Syncs with your Google Drive Account
– Premium 24/hr support, call my personal cell phone at any time, 24/7…