by Upfront Applications
added 30.11.2013

VapeSlate helps you locate and find vape shops in your area and allows you to read and write reviews about the latest tanks, cartomizers, batteries and mods.

Do you need to find a new vape store closer to home? Are you traveling and need to know where you can get more e-liquid? Do you have trouble deciding on your next e-cig or mod? VapeSlate was designed with these questions in mind. Our rating system helps you find the best vape stores by rating stores on their liquid quality, availability of hardware, and customer service. We have 1400+ vape stores across the world in our database and over 100 of the most popular vape tanks, cartomizers, batteries and mods to help you quickly find what you are looking for.

Location to find stores near you.
Photos/Media for if you decide to upload a profile picture (optional)
Camera for the same reason
Wifi to fetch data from my server if cell service is off.